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As a Luke Hawkins Coaching Inner Circle member, you’ll receive closer access to Luke Hawkins and receive coaching support from him and his team for a full year and join a peer group of like minded people who are committed to achieving their dreams and living a life on their terms. In this environment, we support each other to live a higher standard of what we are truly capable of! This is the committed way!

This is an annual commitment which gives you an opportunity to receive a personal level of coaching from Luke and his team to evolve you through the stages of business and create the greatest impact in the world!

“I made $9,400 in new revenue before the 7 Figure Academy had even finished!” 

Pjero Mardesic

CEO @ Adictd2Grow

“I launched my very first Facebook ad and got 67 cent leads & $48,000 in potential revenue during 7FA” 

Courtney Dwyer

CEO @ Aligned Living

Breakthrough Your Limiting Beliefs & Get Armed With The Best Social Media, Marketing & Sales Tactics To Thrive In 2020!


       Master the driving factor that has the biggest leverage over the success of your business. Success in anything is 80% psychology and         20% strategy.


       Learn the exact strategies multi-million dollar companies use and how you can implement them in your business.


       Turn on the tap of ready to buy leads through our foolproof client generation system.


       Set yourself up for success by ensuring the day to day activities of you and your team are leading you towards your long term goals.


       Develop your ability to influence so you can turn prospects into buyers. They will be begging to work with you instead of the other             way round.


       Empower yourself to take others where you want them to go so everyone is on the same team and working towards common goals         and objectives.

Day 1 Schedule

The Foundations of Success

How Your Consciousness is Creating Your Business Results

The Million Dollar Psychology

The Ego vs The Spirit

The Shadow

How to Deal with Stress, Overwhelm, Frustration and Anxiety

How to Solve Problems

Identifying the Stage of Business You Are In

Get Clarity on the Business / Idea You Are Building

Choosing the Right Business

Who is Your Ideal Client

Create Your Value Ladder

Creating an Irresistible offer for your business

How To Influence Like A Pro

6 Human Needs

The Psychology and Strategies of Influence

The Psychology and Strategies of Leadership

Unleash Your Self Confidence and Inner Power

Day 2 Schedule

Eliminating procrastination and installing self motivation

Metaphors to influence people

Sales mastery, building rapport and improving sensory acuity 

Social media marketing, branding & generating leads for under $15 at scale on Facebook

Strategic growth planning model

Learn the ultimate Business Growth Planning Model

Day 3 Schedule

Remove Fear

Eliminate Self Sabotage & Negative Emotions

Overcome Limiting Beliefs

How to Hire, Keep and Grow A Players (What to Look For and Where to Find Them)

Learn The 3 Primary Ways To Grow A Business

Understand The Simplest And Most Effective Strategies To Grow A Business

Define Your X Factor

Accounting And Finance Management

Learn The Most Powerful Ways To Generate Referrals

How To Create Raving Fan Customers

The Top Actions To Grow A Business

Final Integration And Goal Setting And Accountability 







Luke Hawkins


5 years ago I decided I was going to master business. At the time I was living in my van. I have come a long way since then. On my journey I have built a multi 7 figure business and successfully transformed the lives of over 1200+ students in the process. I have invested over $700,000 in myself and have been mentored by some of the smartest and most successful people in the world. I am commonly asked how I was able to build such a large business from scratch in such a short amount of time, so I have now decided to pull back the curtain and reveal everything. The successes, the failures and the learning lessons. I have distilled my knowledge into 7 simple steps that anyone can use to see massive results in their business.


Whether it be generating a tonne of leads, closing more sales, recruiting A players or increasing profit margins, we love sharing our current student success stories!

Mazona Made $30,000 In 7 Days!

Mazona Made $30,000 In 7 Days!

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