Create The Relationship Of Your Dreams, Ignite Your Sex Life & Find Passion With Your Soulmate Over 2 Incredible Days… 

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Who Is This For?

Whether you are:

✅ Single

✅ Looking for your soul mate

✅ In a relationship wanting to know if it’s the right one

✅ Wanting to take your relationship to the next level

This is the course for you!


Day 1

– Create your ultimate vision for your intimate relationship – whether you are single or a couple

– Learn the purpose of intimate relationship

– Singles will learn how how to become the person you need to be to attract your soul mate

– Couples learn who they have to be as individuals to create both love and passion

– Learn how to meet the subconscious needs of your partner to drive them crazy (in a good way!) 

– Learn the 6 different positions you can be in a relationship & to clarify if if it’s the right one️

– Learn the keys to create lasting passion, love and fulfilment

– Learn the relationship stress cycle and how to break the pattern before its too late

– How to repair and heal any relationship no matter what

– Understand the key elements why relationships end and how to avoid it

– Transform your relationship with yourself and if you have a partner transform your relationship together 

Day 2 – Morning

– Create the deepest connection with your partner at a soul level 

– Let go of the sabotaging mind patterns that limit the depth of a relationship

– Men will awaken the true warrior & women their true feminine essence

– Single men and women learn how to become the ultimate magnet for who they want to attract

– Awaken your true sexual essence as a man or woman

– Learn the 3 levels of femininity and the 3 levels of masculinity 

– Evolve through the 3 stages of intimacy

– Learn the stage of the life cycle of your relationship and how to embrace and cultivate yourselves in this stage 

– Single straight men learn how to attract and own a woman (so she’ll never leave you) 

– Single straight women learn how to attract and enchant a man (so he’ll never leave you)

Day 2 – Evening

– Become aware of your unconscious relationship triggers and become trigger-less in your relationship 

– How to deal with conflict when it arises so it is resolved immediately 

– Learn the 3 dimensions of a relationship

– Sexual intimacy for men and women- Learn how to become multi orgasmic, have full body orgasms, last longer together and and become a love master

– Tantric sex practices 

– Learn how to turn your partner on like never before

– Learn the 7 master skills and 10 disciplines of love for creating an extraordinary relationship 

– Decipher the secret language of your partner to deepen trust and connection with your partner daily. 

– Master understanding how men communicate

– Maser understanding how women communicate 

– Bathe your self in self love